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The Aruban Public Prosecutor’s office serves the people of Aruba as the sole prosecutorial institution. We are tasked with maintaining public order and protecting the safety and security of Arubans and visitors alike. Our duties include the investigation and prosecution of crimes perpetrated in Aruba as well as the execution of fines and sentences handed down by the courts. In order to fulfill this task, we co-operate with a variety of partners, including the police, customs and the Coast Guard.

Our organization falls under the responsibility of the Minister of Justice and is headed by our Prosecutor-General, an appointed public servant. A group of six public prosecutors, under the supervision of a Chief Public Prosecutor is tasked with investigating and prosecuting crimes. In appeals cases, the duties of our public prosecutors are taken over by the Sollicitor-General. A staff of legal officers and administrative assistants provides the necessary support to ensure that our duties are carried out in a manner that is as timely, cost-effective and dependable as possible.